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Dear Visitors,

We are delighted to welcome you to Food21 of Pennsylvania, established in 2018. We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting food in the center of our communities. Our work creates sustainable jobs, economic opportunities, and access to nutritional food in these communities by converting undervalued assets into thriving food-centered ventures and information services.

At Food21, we believe in creating a measurable impact on the food economy of western Pennsylvania and the surrounding area. We focus on improving local and regional food economies' design, operation, regulation, and funding to achieve this. Our dedicated team is committed to crafting practical solutions that yield tangible results.

We have brought together a community of experts and practitioners who share our values.  With our expertise, experience, technology, and reputation, Food21 is uniquely positioned to drive positive change in the food economy of our region’s food shed. Our website details how we significantly impact the region by effectively leveraging our resources.

We invite you to join us in this transformative journey as we move forward.


Together, we can create a brighter, more prosperous future for our communities through the power of food.



 Jeff Broadhurst, Executive Chair

Audrey Murrell, Co-founder and Deputy Chair

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We are guided by three core principles in pursuing a resilient food ecosystem. These principles underpin our operational plan, driving our efforts to provide innovative solutions, foster collaboration across industries and communities, and ensure inclusivity in all aspects of our work.

INNOVATION We focus on providing innovative solutions to address the challenges and leverage the opportunities in the region

COLLABORATION We collaborate across industries, communities, and business sectors to create venturers, projects, and information services that benefit all stakeholders

INCLUSION We are inclusive in our methods, the constituents we serve, the team we have assembled, and the partners we engage

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Food21 applies these values to the following six focus areas constituting a healthy food system.

Expanding jobs and economic opportunities in the food economy,

Promoting sustainability through clean and cost-effective energy applications,

Encouraging broad participation in the food economy,

Adopting environmentally responsible food production and processing methods,

Advocating for health and well-being through nutritious food and


Ensuring financial sustainability through regular market exchanges.

Food21 designs and coordinates regional and local food value chains, supports food entrepreneurs, and incubates food ventures to meet community-defined priorities and needs. Our primary goal is to build value and sustainability for all stakeholders. 

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Food21 of Pennsylvania was established in 2018 and registered in the state of Pennsylvania as non-profit organization.  It is classified as tax-exempt under 501-c-3 of the federal tax code.  All contributions to Food21 are deductible.  The Alliance for Non-profit Resources (   provides us with administrative support services.  If you are making a contribution please make your gift to Food21 of Pennsylvania and direct it to the Alliance for Non-Profit Resources. Contributions should be sent to ANR, 127 South Main Street, Butler, PA 16001.

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