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Wheat Crop

Food is our common ground, a universal experience.
– James Beard 

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A Regional Imperative: The Case for Regional Food Systems
(September 2022) 
Food21 Farm To Tap Report
Farm to Tap
(June 2021)
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Food and Climate – The Coming Crisis (August 2020)

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FOOD21 White Paper (July 2018)
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Harvesting Opportunity
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
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Food Security as Ethics and Social Responsibility: An Application of the Food Abundance Index in an Urban Setting
(August 2022) 
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Measuring Food Insecurity 
White Paper (February 2021)
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Coronavirus, Food, and Inequality 
White Paper (October 2020)
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Our Food System at Its Limits

White Paper (May 2020)

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2011 Food Abundance Index Toolkit

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FOOD21 Value Chain Model
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