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Dr. Audrey Murrell

Dr. Audrey J. Murrell conducts research, teaching and consulting that helps organizations better utilize  and  engage  their  most  important  assets  –  their  human  and  social  capital.  She  is  currently  Professor  of  Business  Administration  with  secondary  appointments  within  the  Department  of  Psychology  and  the  Graduate  School  of  Public  and  International  Affairs  at  the  University  of  Pittsburgh. 


Previously,  she  served  as  the  Acting  Dean  of  the  University  of  Pittsburgh’s  Honors  College, Associate Dean of within the College of Business Administration and as the Director of the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership. She received her B.S. from Howard University, magna cum laude and her an M.S. and Ph.D. from the University of Delaware.


She is the author of several books   including:   “Mentoring   Dilemmas:   Developmental   Relationships   within   Multicultural   Organizations” (with Faye Crosby and Robyn Ely); “Intelligent Mentoring:  How IBM Creates Value through People, Knowledge  and  Relationships”(with  Sheila  Forte-Trummel  and  Diana  Bing);  “Mentoring Diverse Leaders: Creating Change for People, Processes and Paradigms” (with Stacy Blake-Beard);  and, the recent  book  entitled,  “Diversity  Across  Disciplines:  Research  on  People,  Policy, Process and Paradigm” (with Jennifer Petrie-Wyman and Abdesalam Soudi).

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