Glen Ford

Glenn believes that existing business norms and economic models have failed inner city and rural communities and that new approaches rooted in business creation is the most aggressive means to improve conditions.

Glenn has founded Praxis Foods the Holding Company, Praxis Marketplace the grocery store, and InCity Farms, an Aquaponics venture.

A skilled executive, he has been successful in a number of positions and roles. He brings experience with the strategic and operational requirements of very large companies as well as new venture development. Some of the positions held include:

  • Founder and CEO of Praxis Marketplace 

  • Principal, Robin Hood Consulting Group 

  • President & CEO, Kottos Inc. 

  • President & CEO, Voyageur Software 

  • Vice President of Pharmaceutical Strategy and Operations, EDS 

  • Vice Present, New Concept Development, PepsiCo 

  • Vice President, American Hospital Supply, Scientific Products Division (Now Baxter Healthcare) 

  • Director of Marketing, Scientific Products 

  • Investment Banker, Indiana National Bank

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