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Asia Cook

Asia Cook is a driven leader, working to make an impact in the world! She has been working as an operations manager for both of her co owned food businesses for 3 years. Cooks Catering is a diverse menued catering company that serves great food, provides great service, and allows their clients to feel like a priority! While Cooks Culinary Management is an FSMC that serves the needs of children and the quality of food being served during school hours.


Both businesses have the same mission, to serve the best quality of food, and display strong teamwork in marriage! Asia diligently works to inspire other women who desire to pursue their dreams. She recognizes that with all the responsibilities a woman carries, that she can still be successful. In 2019, Asia fiercely took on the role as a business and food management consultant. Her desire is to be the missing link between vision and execution in her clients businesses!


Her current favorite saying is, "I have been misunderstood, misrepresented, misplaced, and misused, but I can never be silenced." 

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