Dave Lazear

Dave is the Chief Operations Officer at Weiss Provision Company in Pittsburgh's strip district neighborhood.  Weiss Provision Company is a family owned business that supplies premium proteins to the finest restaurants and private clubs in the Pittsburgh area.
Dave is a 25 year food service distribution veteran. He started his career with Sysco Food Services serving in various roles including sales, sales management, business development and merchandising. During his tenure at Sysco, he was awarded the prestigious Pacesetters Award, recognizing the top sales management executives in the country. He also held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Paragon Foods located in Cranberry Township.

While at Paragon Foods, Dave got his first real connection to local food sourcing. After getting a better understating of the challenges of sourcing fresh foods from local farmers, Dave worked to enhance the relationship between customer, distributor and farmer. He instituted the initial "farmer's forum" in which farmers were able to interact directly with customers so all participants could express their plans and pains with the process. Based upon this interaction, an improved communication portal was established so farmers had a better sense of what to grow and how much to grow. Customers had improved awareness of the challenges of local farmers and the important role that they play in the supply chain. 

Dave was also the co-creator of the local sourcing initiative currently in place at Sysco Foods of Pittsburgh. That program has enlisted over 20 local makers and farmers into the program. These local companies are now able to reach customers well outside their small footprint. The program that was initiated in this market has been so successful, it has been recognized on a national level and replicated in several other markets throughout the country.

Among other leadership roles that Dave currently holds, he is the President of Adat Shalom synagogue in the Fox Chapel area.