Dave Ranallo

Dave Ranallo is the CEO of Azoti.com (ah zoe tee), an eProcurement software-as-a-service platform that cleans the “messy middle” of food production enabling professional food buyers to give their customers more affordability, transparency and access to locally grown food.  

With a passion for fresh, tasty food and an unwavering belief in the power of decentralization, he launched the Azoti Food Hub in 2012 in order to learn about the root cause issues of this space then raise funds for building a software company.   The Azoti Food Hub focused on aggregating dozen local farmers then delivered their locally grown CSA food boxes to individuals at employers as a wellness benefit and schools as a parent fundraiser.  

During this time, he dove into the deep-seeded issues persisting within the "messy middle" of food production and how new collaborative solutions to connect regional value chain members to restaurants, cafeterias and retailers was desperately needed.  In 2016 and to solve these issues, Dave launched Azoti.com, which is derived from the Italian word for 'nitrogen' - the most abundant element on Earth, essential for the sustenance of all living things and also an accelerant for plant growth.

Before Azoti.com, Dave launched eCommerce and supply chain mgt solutions for F500 clients and early stage companies such as Ford Motor Company, Toyota, Columbus Medical Association, Mt Carmel Medical Group, Swapalease.com and Salonlofts.com.  

Dave Ranallo - Headshot 2.jpg