There are so many brilliant solutions to food waste, but they all start with transparency.

– Tristram Stuart   

In 2019, Food21 began its partnership with InCity Farms LLC (ICF)  to explore the development of a network of large-scale, commercial aquaponics centers in western Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio.  InCity Farms has now entered the final pre-development stages for the construction and launch of a 25-acre campus in the City of Duquesne just south of Pittsburgh.  When completed, this center will house a 175,000-square-foot growing center for plants and fish and create over 150 new, full-time job positions.  The center will be the hub of a 25-acre campus that will focus on multiple food-based initiatives including a year-round farm market, a vermiculture center, public space for the community and on-site child care.  Food21 and ICF will be focusing on subsequent locations in our region over the next two years.  Each time, the ICF facility will serve as a hub for a high-impact food campus tailored to specific local needs and opportunities.

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In 2018, Food21 began working to form the first peer network of regional food and beverage makers in the greater Pittsburgh area.  In 2020, that informal network will become the Pittsburgh Food & Beverage (FaB) trade association.   The association is expected to grow to more than one hundred established food and beverage makers as well as to develop a second group focused on culinary businesses such as catering and food services.  FaB is peer managed and directed.  In the coming year, it will host events that connect makers to buyers in the food sector, organize informational seminars around important trade topics such as food safety and build a working resource center for helping small food and beverage makers grow to scale via reliable co-packing and contract manufacturing businesses.

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Stone Soup is an association of professionals who come from the business, finance, technical services side and share a passion for a healthy and robust network of food business and entrepreneurs. Stone Soup is hosted by the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership, part of the Katz School of Business with the University of Pittsburgh. 


The mission of Food21 of Pennsylvania is to expand the breadth and depth of the regional food and agricultural economy through market-driven solutions and strategies.

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