“We are wasteful…Ignorance in the kitchen is one of the worst curses that ever affected humanity” – George Washington Carver


A Message About COVID-19

Food21 is dedicated to building a resilient and sustainable food economy.  Today, we are in the middle of a historic challenge to our food system and to the health and well-being of our communities.  Unfortunately, the disruptive and difficult nature of the pandemic is clearly showing us that our current food system is neither resilient nor sustainable.  We believe that the crisis is not sending us a new message – but rather reinforcing much of what has been known for some time.

The core pillars that inform our work at Food21 remain at the heart of our thinking.  We need to build a food system that is regionally focused, provides opportunities for our communities and addresses the issues of health and well-being.  

We will continue to be intentional about building strategies to address the challenges of our regional food and agricultural economy. Our goal is to identify and enable the strategies and projects that will sustain us in this crisis and in years to come.


Please be safe!

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